Monthly Idol




Create Kpop groups and launch them on fame


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Monthly Idol is a strategy and management game that challenges you to manage an agency that creates Kpop groups and turns them into stars. This fun game lets you create bands that can be as popular as BTS.

Your first steps in Monthly Idol can be a bit confusing because of the huge number of possibilities available to you, luckily it has a tutorial that helps you figure out the basic concepts of the game. The first thing is to create your idol group and train them so they can get to the top of the charts.

You don’t just get to train them so they improve their skills, you also get to create a fan club that would do anything for them as well as record albums that’ll increase the company’s budget. All of this in order to take them on a world tour so they can experience a concert with their fans.

Monthly Idol is a really complete strategy and management game that’s very similar to the incredible Kairosoft masterpieces. The theme of creating Kpop groups is really innovative and you’ll have a bunch of possibilities and customizing objects available to you so you’ll never get bored.

Android 4.1 or greater is required.

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